Wednesday, November 20, 2013

Our first 5 days

Friday Nov. 15th  Our first District meeting was held at the church in Selma.  Selma is about 35 miles away.  We met the 6 elder that are in our District.  The DL Elder Bearnson is from Cedar City and Elder Lambson is from Mesa.  Elder Collins is from Jamaica and Elder Ojalade is from Toronto original from Nigeria.  Missionaries from Magnolia are Elder Cucsick is from El Paso and Elder is from South Jordan.  Excellent meeting.  They  all sang Happy Birthday to Mom then we went to lunch at Lennie's.  The Elders wanted to introduce us to Southern BBQ from the good Lennie's.  Food was great.  Most memorable; it had rained hard all day, as we drove away Elder Ojalade and Elder Collins put up their hoods and trudged off in the rain with a smile on their face.
Saturday, spent most of the day getting organized and having the Branch President show us Camden.
Sunday, Our first meeting was with the Branch Presidency at 8 and Sacrament meeting started at 9.  There was one priest, and the First councilor Blessed and Second councilor passed the sacrament.  One tray of water and one of bread.  Music was by CD but the singing was great. 
Monday was P day we drove 50 miles to the nearest Walmart which is in Thomasville.  We have the nice side yard that is about 100+ yards from front to back makes for nice driving range.  Hit a few balls just for fun.
Tuesday was a Zone meeting in Montgomery and hour and a half away.  Got to meet all the elders and sister missionaries and the 5 senior couples.  Our mission President, President Hanks is awesome.  Meeting was great from start to finish, mission president is a spiritual giant and has a great personality that relates to the missionaries really well.,  We stopped at the Costco on the way home as it is the closest one to us.  We got bacon but no Ranch.
Hope this shares a little of what we are doing.  We are sure greenies.
Love you all,  Elder and Sister Hepworth (Mom and Dad,  Grandpa and Grandma)
PS  We are sitting in Hardee's which is the southern version of Carl's Jr. using their WiFi

Our New Home

The Office

The Driving Range

Mike's "Walk-in" closet

Wednesday, November 13, 2013

We are Here

     We are finally here in Alabama.  We just got back from dinner with the Mission President and had a great time.  We were given our instruction and our assignment.  We will be in Camden and we were told that we will be living in a little house there.  We have 6 missionaries in our district and we are in a small branch.  We were told that our responsibilities are to help the branch and the missionaries grow.  We are just to love them.  We are basically on our own.  We will be traveling to Camden tomorrow from Birmingham, it's about 2 hours.
     We are over joyed to be here and a little anxious to say the least.  We will keep you posted and remember  we love text messages.  The mission president says we can call but we will hold off for a time when we really need to hear your voices.
Love Elder and Sister Hepworth
PS  Address 119 Bridgeport Rd
                     Camden AL 36726
                     Write often