Monday, December 2, 2013

Teaching Lessons

We are trying to get our Technology Act together.  I have sent some Tests to the has sent some...and now I am not sure what we’ve sent and more importantly who has gotten it.  SOOOO.....I am sending this email on our P-Day. 
If I duplicate stuff I have already said....just enjoy it again.  I promise to do better from now on.  We have had a most wonderful two weeks.  We are teaching Scot and Theresa Runnels the lessons for new converts after baptism.  They were baptized in October.  We have met with them several times: taught one lesson and have had more social visits.  He is attending Truck Driver Training, so he has been gone much of the time since we got here.  He has also had a bout with strep throat, so Dad was able to give him a Priesthood Blessing.  The other family we are working with are Roy and Betty Westry.  They have a 13 daughter Ro’Shaira.  All three of them were baptized about 3 years ago.  Roy’s conversion is very interesting.  He and his wife had been baptized into another church along time ago.  He said it was a “sprinkle “ on the forehead.  It has bothered him cause he knew that Jesus came straightway out of the water and that didn’t mean a sprinkling.  When he asked about it, they told him that they do it that way cause it is easier for “older” people.  But he said....I am not older.  It had continued to bother him for many day he had a house full of people at his home, two young missionaries came to the door.  He told them he could visit with them right then, but could they come back.  He said they almost did flips.  They came back two days later and when he asked about baptism and they said it was by immersion, he almost set his baptismal date at that moment.  They want to go to them temple.  Betty has had a hard time with titing, but is now paying a full tithe.  We are starting the Temple Preparation class next week. 
We went to visit Edward Smith.  His wife died in October and we thought he would appreciate some company.  What a visit!  We talked about his wife’s short illness and her valiant fight with Cancer.  It was a second marriage for them and they had been married in the Temple 6 years ago.  What a blessing that has been to him.  He is the trapper.  (We will see that the pictures we took with him get to Michelle.  She is going to set up a BLOG.)   The day we were there, he had trapped a Grey Fox, a Bob Cat and two possums.  He said he will send the furs of the fox and the cat to Canada.  He will make about $100.00 for the Cat and $50.00 for the fox.  The belly of the fox is spotted like a leopard....very beautiful.  
We went up to the Birmingham Temple on the Saturday before Christmas.  It is 2 1/2 hours up to Birmingham.  We did the 1:00 session and then our Branch had a cleaning assignment.  We left at 10:00 and got home about 7:30.  it was a long day, but it felt so good to be in the Temple again.  It is a small temple, but just as beautiful as all the other Temples.
We had our District Meeting Friday.  Dad and I and our 6 young Elders.  Our District Leader Elder Bearnson is from Cedar City.  He is a terrific teacher and leader.  We had transfers the day before Thanksgiving, so we lost 3 elders and got 3 new ones.  Two sets serve in Selma and the other set serve in Magnolia.  Magnolia is a very small branch like us. 
Today we had our Senior Missionary Christmas Lunch at the Mission Home in Birmingham.  President and Sister Hanks are wonderful.  He is such a spiritual giant...and also loves to have some fun.  A wonderful day.  Again, we were gone all day.  A busy week ahead of us.  That is very good.  We love to hear from you, the letters, the emails, the texts, the calls.  We are getting more adjusted every day.  It is time for bed, so I will close.  WE love each of you and so glad we have so many memories and PICTURES>  I spent last evening going through the pictures on my camera and on my phone.  Almost a year’s worth.  What fun we have had.  You are in our prayers....several times each day.  Love you....Elder and Sister....Mom and Dad.....Grandma and Grandpa

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