Sunday, February 9, 2014

Piano Lessons

I have said to many of you that I wish I had been better prepared to serve on this mission. We wish we had done some hands-on actual entering of names on Family History.  Most of these people have done very little with family history.  Some of them are even “afraid” to get to know their ancestors.  But even with that fear, they want to start getting something about their family on the Family Search program.  We went over to Greenville about 45 miles east of here, to meet with Elder and Sister Spect.  She is very good at Family History, so we got a crash course.  We have helped one of the new converts to start her family tree and she is so excited.  We are planning a pot luck evening (Bring your family’s favorite dish) to get folks interested in their family history.   We will follow up with classes.  We do have a Family History Representative, so we will be working with her.  The Stake just purchased some large screen TV’s and computers for each unit, so that will make the teaching much easier and more interesting to participate in.  This will probably be in late April.  Apparently they have an ANNUAL FISH FRY that is super successful.  The last time they had it, they had about 70 people.  We have that planned for March 30th. 
Surprise!!!  I taught my first piano lesson on Wednesday.  Oh, how I wish had stayed with the piano longer.   Stone Vick is 13.  He had taken lessons for a few months when his life got too busy to keep up with the lessons.  When we went out to their home for dinner, Stone played a song from the Easy Hymn book for us.  Margaret called a few weeks later and asked if I would teach him, so that he could play enough for church and be a little better prepared for his mission.  Lesson one went pretty well, if I do say so for myself.  Sister Spect, one of the Senior Missionaries had made the comment, that as we do things for the branch, we should find someone who can “duplicate” us when we go home.  The Branch has really loved singing to the piano rather than a recording, even with my mistakes.  So Stone will be very valuable to the branch with this talent.  (He is already VERY VALUABLE to the branch and to his school)
We had our Zone Conference on Tuesday in Montgomery.  Wow, these young missionaries are so great.  They teach so powerfully and have such great teaching skills.
President Hanks, our Mission President is a spiritual giant.  A memorable lesson:
“What can you become...”LIVELY  D&C 92:2. “ANXIOUSLY” D&C 58:27, “HEARTILY” Col.3:23 and “CHEERFUL” 2 Cor. 9:6-9.  “What describes you?”
Things to think about.            
Of a very sad note, our dear friend Rex Wilcox passed away on February 4th.  Apparently he had fallen once and had a pretty serious head injury, but then he fell again and was not able to recover from the effects.  Rex has been a dear friend since the 5th grade.  He was sort of like a brother type friend, always there, always helpful, always with a laugh.  We will miss him terribly.  Oh, what would we do without the Gospel and the Plan of Salvation!   

We love each of you very much and it means so much to us to know we have your love and support.
Keep in touch with what ever way is easiest.  It doesn’t have to be long...just great to hear from you.
We keep you in our hearts and in our prayers......Love Grandma and Grandpa 

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