Sunday, September 7, 2014

It's a Snake!!

Some interesting events this week.  Monday night we were invited to Margaret and Jarrett’s for dinner and family home evening.  There son Stone didn’t get through football practice till 7:30 so dinner was late, 8:30.  After a lovely dinner, Jarrett asked his boys to take out the garbage can to the street for garbage day the next morning.  All of a sudden there was commotion outside....
“It’s a Snake!”  “It’s a Rattle Snake!”  Then there’s a Boom.  The sound of a gun.  By now we are all outside ...I am still safely on the porch, watching from a distance.  With one shot, Jarrett hit the snake, but of course they can still move.  It was about 4 feet long.  Jarrett said if it had bit anyone of the boys, we would have had a hard time getting to the Selma Hospital where they have the nearest snake anti-venom.  That medicine is $12,000.00!  But it is the only thing that can save your life if you get bit. The Sister missionaries were very brave and touched it and held it once it was safe.   I finally got brave enough to go off the porch and I leaned down ‘til I was about 6 inches from it.  That was close enough for me.!  Definitely not your typical family home evening lesson.
Tuesday Night we were invited to the Football game.  There is no soccer in Camden!  The major family name in our Branch is VICK.  That night we had SEVEN Vick members on the field.  The “termite” team, the Pee Wee and J.V.  Each age group also has a cheerleading squad and we had 5 girls on those teams.  Many of them are from the less=active families and they so appreciate that we come to support and cheer for their children.  I noted that we sat in our seats at the game and almost every less-active couple game over to talk with us.  The Kids are especially excited to see us there. Not in the Mission Hand Book, but a most wonderful fellowshipping experience.

Friday we had the Annual Camden Branch Fish Fry.  Boy, talk about FRIED FOOD!  Fried Catfish, Blackened Catfish, Fried Chicken Strips, French Fries and HUSH PUPPIES.  So GOOD!  (also cold slaw, baked beans, watermelon, brownies and cake)  They cooked 30#’s of catfish.  I don’t think it is anything like catfish at home.  It was so good, so light, and so tasty.  We had about 35 people in attendance.  A great evening.  I am getting the recipe for the hush puppies....y’all love them!   They dip them in ketchup but I suspect y’’all  use ranch. 

Many of the Branch members have been so concerned about us coming home for Shayla’s wedding.  They want to make sure we are coming back!  We are so glad that we have been able to serve here and give this small branch our love and our service. 

Be grateful for every calling and opportunity to serve in the church.  Our Heavenly Father wants us to learn and be prepared to serve others where ever we may be.  I am so grateful for callings in Primary, Relief Society, the Choir and even my piano playing for the primary when I was about 13.  He has a plan for us and is trying to prepare us for our current and future service to Him and His children.  We are so proud of each of you and your faithfulness to the Gospel and to our Family.  We send our love and prayers!!!! 
 Love Grandma and Grandpa

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