Tuesday, November 25, 2014

Attitude of Gratitude

As the Holidays approach, we are thinking more about each of you and the fond memories we have made over the Thanksgiving and Christmas Holiday.  Last year we were so new to this mission life that we were sort of like “deer in the headlights”.  We were alone on Thanksgiving and had the littlest turkey you ever saw.  This year we have had several invitations to dinner and wish we could accept all three.  The Sisters are excited to come over to help with cheese cake and chip dip and anything else they can do.  It seems that folks are so busy with their holiday preparations and family gatherings, that they don’t open their doors to the missionaries.  I have to admit that when I was home, I was the same way.  I hope I will be changed when I get home.
It was my “opportunity” to speak in Sacrament Meeting today and of course I chose to talk on Gratitude.  I used the family farm story from President Monson’s talk in November 2010 and the May 14, 2014 talk of President Uchtdorf “Grateful in Any Circumstance”   The farm story is about a family who on each Thanksgiving, the father took them on a tour of their farm, the barn, the cellar and all the animals and listed all that they had worked so hard to grow and save for use during the winter.  Then they would give gratitude in the prayer before the Thanksgiving feast.  The most memorable thanksgiving, was the one where they did not have a successful year...in fact all they had for the feast was a bunch of turnips and a rabbit their dad had shot that morning.  In that year, electricity had come to their town and with great sacrifice, they had electric lights and an electric washing machine.  But the turnips and rabbit left the family with little to be thankful for.  The father went up to the attic and brought down one of the oil burning lamps that they had used before the electricity.  He lit the lamp and then asked one of the children to turn off all the electric lights.  Wow, they couldn’t believe that they had lived all their lives with such a little bit of light.  The turnips and the rabbit did not look so bad now and they were grateful in their circumstance.  President Uchtdorf suggest that instead of being thankful FOR  things, that we focus on being thankful IN  our circumstance, what ever
They may be.  Prs. Uchtdorf also shares a cute story about a man in a restaurant that complains about only getting two slices of bread with his meal.  Get out the Ensigns and read these two talks.  They will help you improve your “Attitude of Gratitude”

We are thankful for  all our blessings and thankful IN  our circumstances.
We wish each of you will have a wonderful Thanksgiving Day where ever you are and will express your gratitude to those you love so dearly.  We do appreciate each of you and your support of us on this mission.  It really has made the difference.  We LOVE you!!  Grandma and Grandpa

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