Monday, January 12, 2015

It is COLD!!

Our little house just loves to give us adventures.  As you may have heard, we are having a very cold spell in Central Alabama. Thursday morning we woke up to a very cold morning and a very cold house again.  If you recall, last year they had to install a new furnace/air conditioner and it has been working wonderfully well until a week ago.  We called our furnace man, Turkey Jones, he said that there had been some problems with the new furnace blowers and that he would come over an re-set it or replace it.  Done!  We had heat again....Then Thursday...cold again. 
This time Turkey’s son came over.  The furnace was running just fine, but it was still cold, so he said he would crawl under the house to make sure none of the duct work had come loose. OH WOW WHAT HE FOUND!  The cold air duct return had rusted out and there was a 4 foot long hole.  He went off to the shop to get “some things”.  They worked under the house about 3 hours and when we looked out on the grass we could see the duct work from under the house.  All of it had big rust holes in it.  It’s a wonder that we ever got any heat. They will be back tomorrow to replace some additional duct work.  I bet our heating bills drop 50%. 
This weekend is the big Deer Hunt Fund Raiser for the Wilcox Academy.  ( The White school)  The last figure I hear was that they had killed 165 deer on the 3 day hunt.  Last year they made $100,00.00 on the hunt.  People come from all over the south for the hunt. The property owners open their lands to the hunters and it is hunt, hunt and more hunt. Wilcox county has more deer per square mile than any county in Alabama.  The deer are much smaller than in Utah.  A big one will weigh about 195 lbs.  They also count all the points on both sides, so when it’s a 8 point, it would be a 4 point in Utah.  Every one in town seems to be wearing camo.  Not the Missionaries!
On the spiritual side, we had a youth baptism at the Temple yesterday.  We only have 3 youth, but it was still a disappointment that we only got one to attend.  He had a wonderful opportunity to perform the baptism for his uncle who died in 2013.   His grandmother, who is not a member, asked that the work be performed for her son.  It meant so much to her to have it done and to be done by her grandson.  We also assisted Theresa in getting her First Temple Recommend by going over to Montgomery today to meet with the Stake President.  She is so excited to have her recommend and to be able to go to the temple on the 24th.   We are feeling the urgency to accomplish all that we have hoped to do. 
We have been so very blessed to be able to serve our mission here in Camden: Dear Members, Dear Less-Actives and Dear community members.    Thanks to each of your for your love and support.  We love you all.  Love Grandma and Grandpa

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