Monday, February 2, 2015

Monthly Mileage Record

Where did January go?  We had a very busy January.  Our dear Theresa went to the temple for her first time. She came out just glowing.  Now she can’t wait to start doing her family names.  She gave me a list of ten she wants to take to the temple.   Sarah, who was baptized in December, went to the temple to perform baptisms yesterday and she came out glowing.

It was a wonderful month and we broke our record of monthly mileage: 3,307 miles.  What a blessing that we have the means AND the health to do it. 
The basketball season has ended and our Wilcox team didn’t do so well this year.  They did make it to the State Playoff, but only one game.  We hated to see the season end as we have made so many friends in the community and the school and now we won’t have quite the same opportunities that we had.  Although, like most school, grass does not grow under their feet, as the baseball and softball teams are already in serious practice. 

We had an interview with President Nolan of the Alabama Mission Presidency regarding our service here in Camden.  Our mission has a Mission Blog (albirminghammissionblog) and we will be spotlighted at some point about our service here in Camden.  I am sure that its purpose is to spark other parents and grandparents’ to turn in their papers to serve a Senior Mission.  We are certainly glad that we decided to serve.  The joy and the service and the friendships cannot be replaced in any other way.  Yes, you could live a very happy life without a mission, but OH WHAT JOY you would miss out on.  There is nothing else to compare.

WE SO APPRECIATE EACH OF YOU AND THE SUPPORT YOU HAVE GIVEN US WHILE WE HAVE BEEN HERE.   We have missed you and many of the special moments in your life, but thank you for understanding and just keeping us posted with texts, blogs and pictures.    We love each of you and pray for you every day. Please stay STEADFAST  IN  CHRIST!   Love Grandma and Grandpa

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