Monday, March 30, 2015

Busy Two Weeks

As you remember, we have had a very busy two weeks:  4 days at the Birmingham Temple with the Young Elders and Sisters and then another day, Saturday with Theresa and lots of visits to branch members.  It has been a wonderful two weeks!!!
Theresa  was baptized in October of 2013 and she loves the Gospel of Jesus Christ and is trying to obedient in all things.  She completed her 4 generation group sheet when we started doing Family History with her.  She was glad when she got the four done and said, “I don’t want to do any more of that. “  Then she went to the Temple in January and now she can’t add names fast enough.  We feel like she will be able to continue working for her family after we have come home.  It was a great day yesterday with her.
Last night, we got a surprise call from our Mission President, President Hanks.  He said he was on his way to Camden and would be attending our church meetings with us.  We had hoped he would come down sometime, but we are so far away from Mission Headquarters, that we never thought it would happen. 
Finding a decent place to stay in Camden is not really possible, but he stayed anyway.  It is interesting how the Lord works to help us with our lives.  For example, Tuesday Miss Ruby on neighbor, landlord and dear friend, took us to lunch at the Montgomery Stockyard Grill.  (We had taken her there for a Christmas Thank You and she loved it).  She wanted us to share that experience again.  On the way home, she wanted to stop at a grocery store. ( A Good one) They had some beautiful produce and I picked up a big bundle of Asparagus.  I had purchased extra Biscuits last week and had a lovely roast.  We always have the Missionaries for dinner on Sunday and President McIntosh comes every Fast Sunday.  I had also prepared a dessert for the Women’s Session of General Conference.  I had been helped to be prepared for having such a wonderful guest in our home.  The dinner was wonderful and the company and conversation warm and friendly.  Mostly about the history of the church in Camden. 
Fast and Testimony meeting was very difficult today.  It was our last one.  I remember when we first got here and was a little lonely, I thought, only 18 more to go and now, we have had the last one.  We so love the people we have met here.  The members in our little Branch have become like family to us and it will be hard to leave.  However, you never lose friends, they will always be special in our hearts. 
Next Sunday will be our last letter home, as we start that next week, packing and shipping.  Again, we thank you all for your support in all the ways you have shown it.  Letter, texts, pictures Face book  and even a few calls.  We can’t tell you how much it has meant to us and how much it has kept us going.  We love each of you and are looking forward to seeing you.  Love Grandma and Grandpa

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