Sunday, January 19, 2014

Making connections

Dear Family,

We have made a few contacts with some different Less Actives.  One was a positive response with “I’ll think about it”  The other was a pretty cold shoulder.  But then Saturday we were out looking for a family and thought we had the right house, but when the door opened it was the less active sister that had given us the cold shoulder at her house.  This was her daughter’s house.  We felt that it must have been an inspired stop so that we could connect once more with Ms. Cold Shoulder.  She was still cool, but not cold so we will try to meet up with her again soon.  The other contact was John.  He has been less active for about 40 years. He was active til he turned 20 and went off in the military. He lived for many years in Oregon, so that gave us a connection to talk about. He and his wife are now divorced and he is living here in Camden alone.  We invited him to attend church and he said he would think about it.  After we had learned that he had been less active for so long, that a “refresher “ course in the Gospel would be a good idea.  We told him we’d bring some banana bread out and visit again.  He said he would like that, so we have a plan.  He doesn’t have a TV or Computer.  He watches movies and he has a TON of movies.  Many of the folks in Camden are content with the ways things have always been and not too interested in the tech world.

Thursday we went to the school basketball game.  They had the 4th,5th and 6th grade teams play at the half times of the other games.  Consequently, there was a large crowd...Many of the less active families were there.  It was a great opportunity to meet some of them for the first time and they seemed to be very friendly.  One little boy about 6 whose parents don’t come to church, but he comes with his grandma....I waved to him....his eyes lit up and he ran up the bleachers and threw his arms around me and said” I didn't know you would be here....let me go get my friends!”   It shows that every effort we put forth has a blessing for someone here.

Today, Sunday, we are going up to Birmingham to the Mission Home for dinner and a fireside with Elder Zwick of the Seventy. Elder Zwick was the Authority that spoke to us at the MTC.  Of course he won’t remember us, but it will be interesting to hear him again.  President and Sister Hanks have invited all the Senior Couples to the dinner and fireside.  Birmingham is about 2 ½ hours from here but we can’t complain after reading Derek’s last letter.  We will be in our car with the Tabernacle Choir singing. Not Crowded or Noisy like Derek had on his last travels.

We are loving our mission although I get down when we aren’t able to accomplish all that we had planned.  Our Mission Motto is: STEADFAST IN CHRIST!  So I will leave you with that message...STAY STEADFAST IN CHRIST.         Love you so much.  Grandma and Grandpa
PS  Thanks Michelle for that beautiful piano piece played on the shores of the lake at Tony Grove.  So Spiritual!!  Thanks for sharing.

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