Sunday, January 12, 2014

Temple Trip

Dear Family,

We finally have escaped the bitter cold spell.  Record lows for both nights and days for about 3 days.  Today it was sunny and fairly warm,....even for me, who likes it very warm.  We have not had much success with less actives again this week.  But we are trying!  The gospel of Jesus Christ seems so easy to live and it’s hard to understand how folks can just let it go.  We have made progress with our work in the community.  Members and the Branch President say they hear from their friends in the community that they sure like the new missionaries.  We go to the library, the basketball games at the school and to mingle with those at Hardees.  We had a Youth Temple trip yesterday.  There didn’t seem to be much interest, so we talked to the two boys and asked them if they would go with us.  They said yes and so we planned for it.  JP, our Priest got hurt in the basketball game Thursday, so he couldn’t go, but we took Stone. our Deacon.  A long way to go for  10 names, but it was a great experience for him and for us. Grandpa got to perform Confirmations, so he felt very good about his service. I asked Stone if he would know any of the youth and he said probably not.  But while we were waiting in the waiting room he said he thought that one of the girls participated in a 5K that he ran.  When he went down into the font, the baptizer, shook hands with him and said “Hello, Stone”.  I think that made him feel more apart of the group.  Stone was glad that Grandpa did his confirmations.  Many of them were Russian names.
Grandpa spent quite a bit of time this week helping one of the new Sisters get her tablet working.  She is so excited to have her scriptures, the lesson manuals and the Ensign magazines on her tablet.  We also spent some time Wednesday night getting her set up for Family Search.  Today she came over to our house and we put on her family sheet about 4 generations on one of her lines. We were NOT as well prepared as we should have been in doing family work especially starting from set up.  So...each of you get on the computer and get prepared.  Actually try putting in information and also in looking at records: such as census records and other documentation sources.  WE are happy and well.  Making plans for a good week ahead.
We love each of you and are so glad we have and feel your support.
Happy Birthday to Ryan!  Love Grandma and Grandpa

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