Monday, April 28, 2014

Southern BBQ

Dear Family,

April sure has gone by fast.  I thought Spring had come to Alabama, but no...we are suppose to have a huge storm here on Monday night and Tuesday.  Even possible tornados.  Then we read that Salt Lake is to have a hard freeze tonight..  So even though we are ready for sunny days, I guess we will all still be visited with colder storms.
Saturday was a beautiful day here in Camden and it was the morning of my “BIG” race. 
One of the less active sisters who has come to be a very special friend asked me to walk with her in the Race for the Cure 5K.   She said she would be last in the race and I was sure that I would, so I told her I would walk.  It turns out she is the Vice President of the local bank that was the main sponsor of the race and she was in charge of the race.
AS we gathered in the bank parking lot, there were many less active members and members participating.  Every one greeted us with warmth and excitement that we were there and that I was participating.  We even met some of our friends from the community and it felt so good to be among friends.
We started off and immediately I knew I was in trouble.  They could walk much faster than I, but I pushed and tried to keep up.  I told her that she should go ahead and I would meet her at the finish line.  A couple of Branch members stayed with me and we completed the walk in 64 minutes.  Not too bad.  My friend Leah, came back to meet me for the last couple of blocks.  It meant such a lot to me that she cared enough with all her responsibilities, to come meet me and go over the finish line together.    All the children from primary were doing the fun run and the color race.  We both got so many hugs from the children. They love Elder and Sister Hepworth. 
After we had come home and cleaned up and rested a little bit, we went down to the Big Barbeque in town.  About 10 different barbeque vendors were selling the style barbeque.  For $7.00 you could by 10 tickets to try a little taste at each vendor.  We chose to buy Barbequed Nachos and a Rib platter.    Our friend Margaret told us once we have barbequed nachos we would never have them any other way.  They are GOOD!  A paper tray with chips, covered with shredded pork, covered with barbeque sauce and then covered with melted cheese.  Delicious, but not so healthy.   The ribs were very very good.  Southerners really love their barbeque.  All in all, it was a wonderful day.
 Today however, I have aches and pains and muscles I didn’t know I had. 
On Friday, we met Elder and Sister Specht, the Senior Missionaries from Greenville for a day together.  They took us to lunch at the Montgomery Stock Yard Restaurant.  It is actually at the Stock Yards, though there were no auctions going on that day.  Then we went on a tour of the Hyundai Automotive Manufacturing Alabama Plant.  They build the Elantra and the Sonata, 1,550 cars per 24 hour day.   It is the most amazing thing you have ever seen.  The tour starts with a little lecture and videos and then you get on little trams cars that take you through the whole plant.  The steel for the frame is the thickness of ½ a dime.  It is placed in a mold and the pressed with 45,000 tons of pressure.  Then it starts on the assembly line.  The robots do the welding in 2200 different places. The tips of the fingers of the robots are copper and each place they touch is welded with the exact heat.  Each work station does their assignment in 48 seconds, then the line moves to the next station.  Even with the robots, they have a very large human workforce and it is a most desirable place to work.  Senior Missionaries are encouraged to see some of the sights in their mission and to spend time with other senior couples. 
We love the pictures and texts you have sent us this week.  It helps us so much to know what is going on in your lives and to feel you love for us.   We pray for you several times a day and know that you will be watched over.  Love each of you!  Love Grandma and Grandpa.

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