Monday, April 7, 2014

Conference Weekend

Dear Family,

  It made us so happy that you were all together on this Conference Weekend.  It is so important to hear the messages and receive the council from our leaders.  There sure were some POWERFUL messages.  It is also important to stay close together as a family.  We know how important each one of you are to us and how much we look forward to being back with you when we have completed our mission.
We have had a week of service:  A sister who had surgery and her non-member husband was so thankful for our dinner, our Branch President who needed Grandpa’s help in setting up his new lap top and his wireless printer; and our neighbor who needed help with her yard.   Grandpa may have traded his golf cart for a John Deere mower.  Our landlord lives next door to us and she has several acres to mow.  Grandpa told her he would be glad to take care of it.  She also has a golf cart, so she took dad for a ride to show him where she wanted him to mow.  She is a wonderful lady and has become a very good friend.  She doesn’t want the lessons, but we give her little messages when the opportunity comes up. 

Inasmuch as Grandpa is in the Branch Presidency, President McIntosh asked that he set up the new 55 inch TV for all the conference sessions to be viewed at the church.  There was only the two of us for the four sessions but 10 came to the priesthood session.  It was a very rainy weekend here (as usual for General Conference) so we think that everyone chose to view conference on the BYU station as all the members have access to that.  It was strange to watch it all alone, but it will be a “Mission Moment”. 

We are so grateful to each of you for your sending us little “thoughts and pictures” from home.  It is so important to us that we feel your support as we try to serve the Lord.  We are all making a sacrifice for us to fulfill this calling and we know that our family is being blessed for the things we are missing out on. Our memories and our love for the Gospel keep us going and we are happy to be serving.  We send our love and our prayers  for each of you.  Love, Grandma and Grandpa

PS   Our little Storm Warning Speaker just announced Tornado Watch for Clark and Wilcox Counties in Alabama.  We are in Wilcox.  This is only a Watch...which means stay alert and be prepared.  We don’t have to leave yet. 

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