Sunday, June 8, 2014

We Keep Working!

Our work here in Camden continues slowly, but it is moving forward.  We have decided to extend our Mission Call and will ask for a release date of April 13, 2015.  It sounds so far away, but when we look at our less active friends and our hopes for them, it will take all the time, love and prayers we can give.  We had a wonderful evening with one family and were invited back again.  We taught lesson 4 of the Temple Preparation class to our dear Sister Kay.  She was in-active for 18 years, but she self-activated last September.  About 5 years ago she started doing Family History and she has been all over Alabama to cities and cemeteries and distant families to gather names, pictures and family stories.  She is so happy in her faith and testimony and she shares it with all of us.  I just got a text from another dear friend Leah, who too is numbered with the less actives.  We had been over to their home earlier and no one was home.  She texted us to tell us she was over at the Methodist Church setting up for their Bible School and would we like to come over and see how they have decorated.  Of course we went over.  So many darling things.  They had mini slinkees hanging from the ceiling, boxes wrapped  with plain colored paper and same colored paper plates to make Legos. They were stacked all over the halls and foyers.  Leah is teaching the Bible study class and she also had Legos on the walls and questions for the children to look up and learn.  We met one of the other members and she recognized us from our walks.  She also thanked us for coming over to see what they had all done. Leah’s two children were so excited that we came and they ushered us around to see everything.   There is a special feeling between Leah and myself and I am sure it is from our Heavenly Father.  We have come to love their family and I think they have come to love us too.  
We may not accomplish all that we have in our hearts to do, but we are planting and trying to nourish seeds that will let them feel the testimonies they once had.  These experiences have reinforced in us how thankful we are for our understanding of the Gospel and especially the Plan of Salvation.  That there is more to this life, than just what the world is offering.  Please stay close to the Church and to each other.  Attend the Temple as often as you can and say your prayers.  We LOVE YOU!!  Love grandma and grandpa
PS  read June Ensign p.63

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