Tuesday, June 3, 2014

The Old Piano

Alabama’s weather is sort of like Oregon....”Wait a few days and it will change”. We have had gloriously sunny days, followed by dreary rainy days.   But talk about beautiful scenery.  There are so many shades of green and the foliage along the roadways is so green and dense, you can hardly see a home that is back off the road a bit.  Every place we drive is so scenic and beautiful.  We do quite a bit of driving....90 miles round trip for District Meeting once a week, 180 miles round trip for Zone Meeting  once a month and 240 miles round trip to the Temple once a month.  Our Branch members are quite spread out, most of them about 15 minutes away.  We are averaging 2,200 miles a month.  Lots of miles, and  lots of beauty......and wonderful members and missionaries to be with.
We had a wonderful trip to the temple yesterday.  If you recall, Edward ( our Trapper) had asked us to take him to the temple enough times that he felt confident and could relax and enjoy the spirit.  Yesterday we did the sealing for his wife’s grandparents.  His wife Darlene died from Cancer last October.  We were able to help him with getting all of their Temple work completed. He really enjoyed the day yesterday. 
We spent some time on Thursday with the Senior Couple, Elder and Sister Spect from Greenville. They complete their mission this Saturday.  We went over to Magnolia where there is a 100 year old LDS Church.  The Magnolia Church was dedicated June 21, 1914.  They won’t be here for the Centennial Celebration, so we took them over for a tour.  I will share more about that after the Celebration event.  I got to sit at the OLD piano and play a hymn; the piano had surprisingly good sound.  Check out the pictures.

It was a quiet week as far as anything to share with you, but Dad said “  We had a wonderful Testimony Meeting today, we have the best Gospel Doctrine Teacher in the Church AND we feel so loved by our Branch. “   I would add to that, “we feel so loved and supported by you, our loving family!”    Thank you for that, it means such a lot to us to know that you are there for us.  We hope you know our hearts are with you and love every picture, text, face book, and call.  Stay close to the Gospel and to each other!!  With much love, Grandma and Grandpa

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