Monday, July 21, 2014

Pioneer Day!

As you all get ready for the Big July 24th Celebration, I wanted to tell you about our “Pioneer Trek” here in Camden, Alabama.
We had 12 primary children attend which was wonderful, we only thought we would have 7.  We met at Bridgeport Park, just about 3 miles up the road from where we live.  It is on the banks of the Alabama River, a beautiful spot with lots of trees and vegetation.  It is not at all what the pioneers found on the plains or in Utah.
We had the children come down to the edge of the water, take off their shoes and go into the river up to their ankles.  ( Some of them had pretty high ankles)   We had them look across the river at “Nauvoo” and say good bye.  We talked of what they could put in their wagon....;what favorite toy they might be able to bring. Then we started for Sugar Creek...singing Pioneer Children Sang as the Walked and Walked...AT that stop we made little bracelets to mark their family, so that they wouldn’t get lost.  We had given each of the children a name tag with the name of a pioneer child.  At each stop, we had the child come up and we heard about their story. We went on to Winter Quarters, where we told them how the pioneers had to tell time by the shadows of the sun.  We drew their shadows on the pavement.  Later in the afternoon, they were surprised at how much taller their shadow was then when we drew it.  Another stop was Chimney Rock and then on to the Salt Lake Valley.  Here they ran in the crickets!  We had a fun game of throwing the black crickets into the pail.  Then we had pioneer games of Joseph Smith’s pole game, sack races and a few others.
Between each stop we sang as we walked and walked and walked!! We had a wonderful time.  Today, I taught Sharing Time.  We made pioneer covered wagons.  Graham cracker for the base, two big white marshmallows for the cover, two pretzels for the  axles and 4 white life savers for the wheels.  They turned out so cute and the kids had a wonderful time assembling them with the aid of thick frosting. 
Friday night our land lady and dear neighbor, Miss Ruby, took us to dinner at Gaines Ridge.  It is a beautiful old southern mansion that Miss Gaines, who grew up in the house, has turned into a lovely restaurant.   Very good food, decorated with beautiful old antiques and a most elegant atmosphere.  A place that Aunt Bebe would have loved!!!  We thought it was a great place to celebrate Grandpa’s Birthday.   He was so happy to get all your calls, texts and face book messages.  Thank you for making his day. 
We miss y’ all very much and thank you for your love and support.  It means so much to us.  The work with the less actives is going very slowly, but the active members are so grateful to have us here to give them support and encouragement.  They really are STRONG!  Our Sacrament Meetings and Fast Meetings are filled with wonderful talks and testimonies.   We love each of you.  Love Grandma and Grandpa

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