Monday, August 11, 2014

Miles and Miles of Driving

Tonight’s letter will have to be short.  I went with the Sisters to teach a second lesson and it took a little longer than usual and then we decided to go to the home of a less-active that we have not been able to get into since we got here.  We pulled up and no one was home and just as we were about to leave they pulled in the driveway.  I expected to just have a short meeting on the porch, but they invited us in.  They seemed so excited that we had come and they talked and talked and talked.  Grandpa was home by himself and getting more and more worried.  Of course, I didn’t take my phone in the house as it appeared that we would only be leaving a note on their door.  I finally asked Sister for her phone, but then they told us they don’t have coverage up there.  Sister Manness (less active) finally called dad on their home line and let him know we were okay.  We had been gone for 3 ½ hours.  No wonder he was nervous.  But at least we got to visit with them and they invited us back.  First lesson went alright, but I think he is just enjoying the visits and really not interested in conversion. He listens and asks good questions, so  we will go back and see what happens next time. 

One cute thing. Friday we were in WalMart in Selma. We had finished our shopping as we didn’t have much to buy and we were waiting in the front of the store for the Sisters to finish there shopping.  A sweet little tiny black lady with curly gray hair was sort of the “greeter”.  She came up to me and said how nice I looked.  I thanked her and commented on her cute name: “Billie”  She looked at me with a smile and said, “ I was Billie Jean before Michael Jackson was born!”  Such a cute little lady. 

We are tired tonight.  We have had a very busy week.  In the last week we have put 1000 miles on our car.  We have been to Montgomery 3 times as we had computer problems and that is the nearest Geek Squad and a trip to Birmingham for transfers.  Our Sister Houston from Kaysville completed her mission and we have a new sister from Mesa Arizona.  It seems like some days all we do is drive.   We love you dearly.  We are so grateful that Trevor was not hurt any worse than it was.   Be safe.  Say your prayers and thank him for all your blessings.  We are a blessed family.  Love Grandma and Grandpa

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