Tuesday, August 19, 2014

Nimmer Pond

We had a unique and beautiful experience  yesterday.  We attend a baptism over in Greenville, Alabama.  We had not been involved with any of the finding and teaching of this man, but we followed his progress through our friends, Elder and Sister Spects and through several of the Sister missionaries who worked with him.

I hope I can paint you a mental pictures of the day.    We all met in the front room of President and Sister Nimmer. (picture with words as we were not to take pictures) He was the Branch President of Greenville until just recently. There were about 40-50 of us. Even our Mission President and his wife came down.  When the talk on baptism was finished, we all walked out to the Nimmer Pond.  Many of the homes here in this area have built a pond on their property.  They are used for fishing and maybe having a little canoe.   This was a very large pond-I would call it a small lake.  The day was absolutely gorgeous, the sun was shining, the sky was blue and the birds were singing.  The two men dressed in white lead us down past the dock and we watched ever so reverently as the two men walked from the beach down into the water.   When they were sufficiently in deep enough,  a peaceful silence filled the air as we heard the words of the Baptismal Prayer.   The witnesses indicated that he had not been completely submersed and so the Ordinance was repeated.  Again, the peaceful silence as the words were repeated.  This time, both men beaming, came forth out of the water and then cheers erupted. Cheers of joy and happiness for him.  

In Greenville, our church has purchased a small church from another denomination and it is a lovely old church and serves the people very well, but it does not have a baptismal font, so any baptisms are performed at a church in Highland Home about ½ hour away.  This was a most special opportunity for us to be a part of such a beautiful day. 

For those of you who have been baptized, pause a minute and recall what you can remember of your baptism.  It probably was not in a pond, but still a most special event in your life.  We are so grateful that we have had this opportunity to serve here in rural Southern Alabama. 
We love each of you.  Be Strong and Choose The Right.
Love, Grandma and Grandpa

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