Monday, March 31, 2014

See & Respond

Dear Family

Last night we went over to the Branch to set up the new big screen TV to watch the Women’s conference.  As we got it set up, there were scenes of the Conference Center, the flower gardens and the Temple and it brought back such fond memories of the times we have all been on Temple Square.  What a wonderful conference it was!  I looked for you in the audience and in the choir, but also knew how very large the area of the valley is.  We only had 5 women (and Dad) at our building, but found out this morning that several of them watched it in their homes.   When you think how many were in the conference center and that was a small number compared with all those around the world who were able to participate via the internet.  Truly a World Wide Church.
I wanted to share with you a thought from our testimony meeting today.  Edward talked about planting a bigger garden this year.  His wife died last year and so it is only him at his home, but instead of growing less, he decided to grow more.  He said we don’t have to go to Haiti to help the less fortunate....they are right here among us.  So he is going to plant a larger garden so that he will be able to give more in the fall.   Our Stake President was visiting today and his message was just that. It is small and simple things that we can do to lift and help others.  He said, we only have to keep our eyes open to see the little things that we might do to brighten and lighten someone’s burden.   
As Missionaries , we pray many times a day that the Lord will bless us and inspire us as to who we might see and what He would have us say to help His children here.  As I was standing in the kitchen, I notices three bags ( zip lock bags with 6 chocolate chip cookies) sitting on the dryer.  ( I don’t have much counter space).  As I noticed them, a thought came to me....RoShara loves your chocolate chip cookies!  Take some to her and ask her to attend the Conference with you.    I went into Dad who was ready and told him that I was going over to RoShara’s.  RoShara is a 13 year old black girl who was baptized almost 5 years ago.  Since she turned 12, she has not been to church.  You know how hard it is to go when you are the only one your age and then to be the only black youth member.  So I went over.  She was just finishing rearranging her bedroom.  I went down the hall and asked her if I could see her room.  She is so shy, but she gave me a small and a nod.  We chatted a minute or too and then I asked her if she would come with me to the Women’s Conference that night.  I told her it would our “date”.  She said, can I call you?  I said I brought a “BRIB”.  She laughed and said, Can I call you?  I said, I would take that as a yes, unless she called me and said no.  She took the cookies and I left.  You all know that I don’t carry my phone everywhere I go, but I did for the rest of the day.  I checked it about every 15 minutes.  At ten to call, so I went over to pick her up.  Just then her mom got home and she said she would come with her mom.  SHE DID!
I even think she enjoyed the meeting.  I was so grateful for the prompting I had to ask her and that I followed that prompting.  I know it will take more opportunities to help her, but I know that I was blessed to ask and she was blessed for saying yes and for coming. 
In all you do, try to see, really see the people around you and respond to those promptings you receive to do a small and simple things to help lift His children.
We love each of you and are so happy to received your texts and notes and pictures as to what is happening to each of you.   We pray for you every morning and every night.  Stay close to the Gospel and to each other!.  Love grandma and grandpa

PS  Happy Birthday to Derek and Caitlin this week. 

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