Sunday, May 11, 2014

Happy Mother's Day


We HOPE you have all had a wonderful and thoughtful Mother’s Day. 
Our little primary (9) sang two Mother’s day songs and it brought back to my mind all the Mother’s Day Primary Songs that have blessed my life.  A cute story about today, one of the songs was I Often Go Walking.  One line says “Blossom’s of Blue”.    Dad and I had purchased and wrapped the Mother’s Day Gifts to be given out after Sacrament Meeting.  I was just putting the bag in the Kitchen, when Tucker (6) came running in with a cute white basket filled with clear packages.  “Sister Hepworth, Sister Hepworth! I made these cookies to give to the Mom’s.  When can I do it?”  He was so very excited that I couldn’t tell him that we had gift for the Mom’s.  I told him he could do it right after the closing prayer.  He comes to church with his grandmother.  She told me the story behind the cookies.  He was spending the night and for an activity, they started making cookies.  She said they could take them for Mother’s day.  He was then very excited and rolled out the dough, cut the circles and then asked her to make blue frosting.  She said, I think pink would be better for the mom’s, but he said...”Oh no, the songs says blossoms of BLUE.  So she made a dark blue frosting.  They didn’t look to appealing, so she suggested they put some yellow dots on them.  It turned out to be a happy face.  They put them in little clear bags tied with a ribbon.  I think he was about 5 feet off the ground when he came in with the basket.  He was so proud when he handed the gifts to each mom.  ( I gave the Branch gift out in Relief Society...I just couldn’t spoil his excitement.)
WE had our Zone Training on Friday and you could just feel the excitement of the missionaries anticipating their skypes home.   I too have been looking forward to the calls from home.  I have to admit that I have felt a little lonely today, but once I got to talk to you, I felt so happy and so loved. 
Thank you for being such a wonderful and supportive family.  As a family and as individuals we are so blessed to have the gospel in our lives to guide and direct us in the pathway to eternal happiness TOGETHER.  We send our love and our prayers to each of you. 
Love grandma and grandpa

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