Monday, May 19, 2014

School Programs

Dear Family,

The school year is about to end here in Alabama.  We have been invited to several school activities which we love to attend.  Last Thursday was the Pre-K graduation.  We had two of our primary children “graduate”  They both invited “the Missionaries”  They did a little play “Charlotte’s web”.  All the animals were played by the Pre-K and the humans were played by the graduating Seniors.  It was a darling little production with wonderful costumes and well delivered lines.  So great to see those big Seniors participating with the little kids.  This Friday was “honors Day” and Graduation from Kindergarten.  We had three children in the Kindergarten. Tucker, (The boy who made the Mother’s Day Cookies) invited us to come.  When we got there, the children were all decked out in White caps and gowns, with blue sparkly robs.  They had the audience stand as they played the “gradational procession music”. The first thru fourth grades came in next. They all got their awards and then the “Graduates” marched out and stood in a line and threw their caps into the air.....just like high school.  When we went to the Kindergarten room for refreshments, the teacher came up to us and thanked us for coming.  She said, “I asked Jim if he knew where his parents were?” Jim answered and said, “I know where my parents are, but where are the Missionaries?”   I think it meant a lot to the children and to their parents that we would support the families in this way.  On Tuesday night we stopped by to see one of the less active families.  When we first got here, they wouldn’t answer the door.  But now we have made a strong friendship with them, we were invited in for a wonderful visit and even invited to a Dance Recital on Saturday.  Again we were thrilled that so many people, members, less actives and community people spoke to us and welcomed us so sincerely.   The Lord truly works in miraculous ways.  One of the less active younger sisters is so sweet to us, but keeps us at a distance from her husband and her children.  As we sat at the awards ceremony waiting for it to start, the lady next to me said something to the lady behind me....mentioning the name Amanda.  Then in the next sentence, she said “Les bought her dress and her new shoes”.  After the program, I boldly asked if she was related to Les Lambert?  She said, He is my son.”  (The husband that has protected from  us.)  I said, we think he is a fine young man.  I told her who we were and why we are here in Camden.  The next day, I ran into Amanda.  I said, “Oh, I met your Mother in Law yesterday.”   Amanda said, I know you did, she told me she met you and how wonderful and friendly you were to her.  Every positive response is so gratifying.  Who knows where it might lead.  It already led to a nice friendship.   
On Wednesday, we had Transfers!  I didn’t know much about that part of the mission, but now that we have been in our District and come to LOVE our Elders, it was hard to see three of them transferred.  I called each of them to tell them thank you for serving with us and wished them success in their new areas.  They thanked us for being part of the District and part of their growth.  We develop such wonderful; bonds with these young men.  So many wonderful experiences on a mission.  We know now, more than ever, how much the Gospel of Jesus Christ means to us as individuals and as a family.  We love each of you!!!!   Love Grandma and Grandpa

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