Monday, May 26, 2014

Wilcox Academy

Dear Family,

This week has been the end of the school year and the Branch Members have been very busy.  I was asked to help with the Last Day activities of the First Graders at Wilcox Academy.  We were doing introductions and I was to the next to the last little girl.  I was so surprised when she said, “ I am Alondra and I am from Venezuela”  I quickly told her that my son had gone a mission to Venezuela and she smiled.  While we were doing the cookie activity, I thought I would call Jason and let him talk to her.  I got his voice mail, so I texted him.  We were out on the playground when the phone rang.  I called to Alondra and all the little girls came running.  Jason spoke to her in Spanish and of course she was a little shy, but she seemed pleased.  When Jason told her he had served in Maracaibo, she said” That is where my dad is from.”  I had put the phone on speaker, so all the girls could hear.  I’m sure it made her feel special and that the others were excited to hear all the Spanish.    Thanks Jason for letting a little girl have a unique experience.  Apparently her parents speak NO English.  They are here in Camden to help run a large farm.
You know that I wish I knew more about Family Search and had more experience with it.  I have been watching all the little videos that the Church has put out.  (go to Gospel Library-then to Temple and Family History-then to Getting Started and Beginning Research.  These are little videos that teach step by step.  I have spent several evenings watching and hopefully learning. )  I went to my Family Tree and to my surprise, people have added some pictures and some histories.   You who are very tech savvy, will love this and want to get started right a way.  This month’s Ensign has an excellent article about all of this June p. 20-23.  The Church has entered into a contract with, , My and; so that by the end of the year, church members will have access to these family history  records without cost.  Well, you can tell that I have been hit by the Spirit of Elijah and hope to help the members here.  We’re hoping to start a Family History Class.   We send our love to you all.  “Happy End of The School Year!”
Love, Grandma and Grandpa

ps.  The little girl on the front row 2nd from the left is Alondra... 

    Check out the Magnoia’s.  This is a tree across from the Church.  The Magnolia trees grow to be very tall.  Blossom come on a few at a time and do not last very long.  But the Blossom’s are gorgeous!!!!

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