Sunday, March 9, 2014

Meant to be in Camden

Dear Family

It has been another slow quite week here in Camden.  We have been out trying to meet with some less-actives.  We had one great experience last Tuesday night.  We went to visit a couple where the husband is not active.  He at one time was very active... but things changed for him and he slowly drifted away.  We were having a wonderful visit, just talking about life experiences, when he changed the topic to church activity.  He told Dad that he felt from the first time they met, that Dad had been sent here just for him and if we stay long enough, he knows that he will get stronger in his faith.  Dad told him that we would be here long enough.  That he too felt there was a reason that we had been sent to Camden.  He promised Dad that unless he was sick, he would not miss another Sacrament Meeting.   
On Monday, we went to the Hobbs Elementary School for Dr. Seuss Day.  
We each picked a Seuss book and went to a First Grade class and then to a Kindergarten class to read to the students.  They were so excited and so cute.  They all have such happy faces with big sparkling eyes.  When we finished reading, we went back to the Librarian and she thanked us for coming and said that she would be calling us again to come help at the school.  As we left, some of the students were coming from their class rooms with Dr. Seuss Hats on their heads.  They were having such a wonderful day.  Here’s a picture.

Today, I taught Primary and we had 8 children ranging from 11 to 4.  4 were visitors.
It turned out that I taught the full 2 hours, so it forced me to draw on all my experiences in primary, songs, stories, testimony and an activity.    This little Gospel light of mine was one of their favorites.  Pop Corn Popping another.   Dad conducted and taught Priesthood.  In a branch, you get called on to do almost anything at short notice.  We love to give the Active members a break and give them our support.
We love to hear from you, even if it is only a picture.....or that you won a math competition...or a question about the Beatles...or that you met someone at the Temple who used to live in Tualatin....or a surprise package of goodies.... it helps us to know that everything is well with you and it tells us of your loving support for us.
We love each of you dearly and pray for you everyday.  Love, Grandma and Grandpa

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