Sunday, March 16, 2014

Tornado Warning!!

Dear Family.

WOW   We have news tonight.  About 6:00 am this morning our Storm Alert System in our kitchen went off.  This is a very LOUD beeping noise that seems to go forever....then a deep voice says:  “This is a National Weather Alert....Tornado WARNING for Clark and Wilcox County. This alert is from 6:05 am CDT to 6:45 am CDT. “ We live in Wilcox County.  Within a few minutes another loud beeping....”This is a National Weather Alert....Tornado WARNING for CAMDEN.  Do not wait to see if it is coming.  To wait, it may be too late.”  We were dressed by this time.  Dad turned on the TV to see what the warnings were on the TV.  Usually they have the warnings and instructions streaming across the bottom of the screen....but there was nothing.  Just then, the TOWN WARNING SIRENS started.  One is on our you know it was loud.  At that time I said to Dad, “We are leaving right now.”  We got into the car and drove to the Church.  The Branch members had told us that it is the safest building in town,   It was built strong and sturdy.  We waited and waited...but nothing.  At about 7:00 we came back home and felt relieved that we had not had any trouble.  Then the Heavy Rain came.
It was rain like Noah must have had.  They tell us tonight, that there were over 3,000 lightening strikes in the storm area.  It appears that the storm front has moved to the East and we will just have some light rain tonight.    Several Branch members called to check on us and they were glad that we had heeded their instructions to go to the church.  Most of the members’ live quite a ways out of town and several have their own Tornado Shelters.  So there you have it...our first experience with a Tornado Warning. They tell us we are in the Spring Tornado Season.  I hope it is not too active a season. 
We had our Zone Meeting on Wednesday in Montgomery.  Again, these young Elders and Sisters are amazing.  This is what Derek is doing right now: Teaching and training the newer missionaries, so that they might have the most successful teaching and sharing experiences.  I am glad that I have been practicing the piano, as I was asked to play for Zone Meeting.  I did alright and it did feel great to be of service to our missionaries and to help bring the Spirit into our meeting.
Thursday we were invited to the Mission Home for a going away party.  Several of our Senior Missionary Couples are going home in the next couple of months.  It is surprising how close you become to the people who are serving just like we are.  The May’s from Idaho, have been over housing and she is the Mission Nurse, the Tyler’s from Wyoming have been over Cars and Safety and Literature. And the other couples have been in Branches and wards serving like we are.  President Hanks said each of the couples was excited to be going home, but also sad to be leaving their area of service.  The Spanish Speaking Branch in Birmingham provided the lunch.  We had Chile Rejenos, Rice and some kind of spiced meat sandwiches, with a Mexican kind of cake and Flan for dessert. 
We had our Stake Conference today and it is a good thing Elder Hepworth was here.  It was the first time that they have telecasted the conference from Montgomery to each of the outlying branches.  The members are not too electronically experienced, so Dad met with the High Counselor for instruction on the new equipment we just received and it worked pretty well.  It froze up a couple of times, but dad was able to connect and re-join the conference.  It was a great Conference.  We are all so lucky to be members of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints and have all the blessing, guidance and peace that it brings to us.  It is a blessing to us, that no matter where we go, we can be nourished by the good word of GOD.   We love each of you and pray that you will feel our Heavenly Father’s love for you and His guidance in your daily life.  Love Grandma and Grandpa

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