Monday, March 24, 2014

BAMA kids

We had an interesting experience last week.  You know that we have been to Hobbs Elementary a couple of times to do some service.  The Librarian called us Friday and asked if we could come to an accreditation meeting on Tuesday and be “shareholders” in the school.  We said we would and we were there at 8:00 am on Tuesday morning.  Before our meeting began, the school had its morning announcements on.  A student about 10 was giving the announcements’, then he said, “Please stand for the Pledge of Allegiance”.  We could hear students repeating the Pledge.   Dad and I were surprised by that. Can our students say the Pledge?  I thought they could not.  We asked if this was a private school and it is public.  The man we asked said, they probably shouldn’t say it here either but no one is going to complain.
   Our meeting began; a team of three educators explained they were there at the invitation of the school to perform an accreditation evaluation and had some questions for the shareholders.  Of course they called on us first and we really didn’t know how we fit into the evaluation.  We gave them our names and why were here in Alabama, how long we would be here and how we were involved with the school.  As the other shareholders gave their names and how they were involved, they were people from Alabama Power who supports BAMA Kids, a program for youth after school, a Four H Representative that provides outside curriculum projects and brings extra programs to the school, such as the Raptors program from Auburn University.  That program is like the Bird Show at the Oregon Zoo that we all loved to see.   Each of the people in the room explained how they fit into this program.  It was interesting to me, that not only have we served at the school, but I have been serving at a resource center which is part of BAMA Kids.  I go to the Black Belt Treasures sewing group on Thursday’s and they too provide extra curricular activities for the school.  It turned out that we knew 5 of the other folks there.  It gave us a sense of accomplishment that we have become acquainted with different service groups here in the City.  Interestingly enough, the lead educator has friends in Idaho and she spends a few weeks every summer in Driggs, Idaho.  What a small world we live in.  
The rest of week was very busy; we had Missionary Day at the Birmingham temple on Thursday.  We left at 10:00 and got home at 9:30 that night.  What a wonderful experience to be in the temple with all those young Sisters and Elders.  Friday was our District Meeting.  Dad and I are in a District with 6 other elders....right now we have 7 elders.  One companion got sick and had to go home, so we are waiting for another missionary to be sent out here.  Again, we are blessed to be with these young elders.  It is amazing to see how they grow in their confidence and ability to serve the Lord.  Transfers are next Tuesday and it is surprising to me that we kind of dread it, as we have really come to love each of these young men.   
Saturday Night we had a Branch Pot Luck Dinner and classes on Family History and Genealogy.  Some how I got put in charge.  I was so nervous, mostly concerned that we might not have enough food.  WELL  let me tell you.....we could have fed another 50 people or more.  The whole evening turned out GREAT!  When we had our activity last night, Dad was helping different people get logged in and Dad’s wallpaper came up.  Each of you are on that wallpaper.  Oh how our Branch loves each of you.

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